The Computational Psychology Lab is located at the Graduate Center, the City University of New York.

Embracing cutting-edge quantitative methods and computational models, our lab is striving to advance our understanding of questions in psychological, managerial, and educational areas.

Our Lab is currently conducting research around three themes: 1) social networks, 2) applied psychometrics, and 3) big data analytics and technology.


Social Network Analysis

Human beings are related in nature, yet how the relatedness impacts behaviors is little known. With social networks, we strive to understand the network contagion effects in psychology, management, and education.

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Applied Psychometrics

We seek to advancing psychological assessments and tests by using item response theory models and computer gamification techniques. We study the measurement of personality, emotional intelligence, general mental ability, etc.

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Big Data & Technology

We analyze data from social media websites to try to shed lights on important questions. For example, we text analyze billions of Tweets to understand the temporal dynamics of job stress and work emotions nationwide.

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